"Groundbreaking AI for finding decision-makers."

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Revenue leaders like what they see

"We found 252% more contacts vs the #1 rated tool on G2."
- CRO, NFL team
"This is groundbreaking AI for finding decision-makers."
- CRO, X Games
"Groundbreaking AI for any sales team —  efficiency & time savings."
- VP of Sales, Live Nation

4 reasons why sales & marketing teams love Lasso.


100% Additive &

Exclude accounts and contacts you already have, throw a Lasso to find "net new." <- aka the dream of every sales development team, to find what they're missing programmatically.

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Better Quality,
1% bounce rates.

Reaching the inbox requires fresh data that has been programmatically validating the moment you use it to ensure the highest quality. This approach prevents data deterioration, ensuring that all information is current and useful.

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More Contacts vs Other Platform(s).

Lasso has outperformed leading datasets by 252%. In sales, where success is a numbers game, remember: you miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

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Less Cost,
Less Headache,
More ROI.

Our prices are 84% lower than competitors', with higher volume and quality. ❤️ Plus, no per seat fees — invite your team — and credits that never expire.

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Lasso FAQ

How does Lasso work? 

Upload a list of companies > find the contacts you want.

^ it's that simple.

Prepare a CSV file with a list of domains (in your CSV, label the column "Domains"). Upload to Lasso and choose the job title(s), job role/department, or seniority level of the contacts you want to find. From there, Lasso will then search the internet, utilizing metadata and API partners, to locate and validate the exact contacts you're looking for.

Does Lasso integrate with other applications? 

Yes, Lasso seamlessly integrates with virtually any tool you're using, from advanced CRMs to specialized applications for compiling account lists. All that's required is a CSV file with a column labeled "Domains," containing the websites/URLs of the companies you wish to target. Simply include this column, and Lasso will efficiently find the contacts at those companies, ensuring a swift and effective prospecting process.

How does Lasso pricing work? 

Choose from pay-as-you-go, monthly, or yearly options to match your pace of prospecting and need for new contacts. Whether you're aggressively pursuing leads or occasionally seeking out a few key contacts, we offer the right plan for you. Let's round 'em up!

How does Lasso stack up to competitors? 

Lasso's edge lies in its real-time results, not in selling you a static, outdated database. It delivers fresh, tailored contacts on demand, ensuring accuracy and relevance with every search. This approach provides a significant advantage by offering up-to-date, customized data, far surpassing the limitations of traditional databases.Hence, Lasso beats competition in contact volume, quality, and price.

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